Thursday, January 19, 2017

New Years Resolution: Cold Sheeping

Cold sheeping, or the act of not buying any new yarn until some arbitrary goal or another is hit, is something that I've tried (and failed at) many times.  This time is different, though - somehow. (It isn't, really, but let's pretend.)

So here I am, fresh into 2017 and refusing to purchase any new yarn until:

  • A vast majority of my stash is used up
  • Yet another person I know gets pregnant 
  • Vivid Fiber Arts stocks a color I love

The problem of my yarn stash is almost like that of a Steam library, always growing no matter how many new projects I started.  However, unlike Steam, yarn takes shelving.  And also boxes, to stop the newly acquired cat from eating said yarn.

Odin, the All Father, Eater of Wool

So, I think the plan will be to update this with works in progress, finished objects, and what items of my stash are all used up as I go along.

Current works in progress: