Sunday, March 12, 2017

It's been a month and I bought some things.

Let me get the worst out of the way. I was a terrible cold sheeper this past month. I signed up for the Madelinetosh 3 month yarn club and got my first package - Euro Sock in the Hydra colorway. This is more than likely going to become Rising Dawn by the wonderful Stephen West. I also acquired some Hedgehog Fibers, which is probably going to become Exploration Station. After completing my Glacier Sweep, I want to knit everything by Stephen West. I guess West Knits are truly the best knits. 

So, Glacier Sweep. I loved it. LOVED IT. Then I hated it, somewhere during the last section. Completing that last section was a chore. But then I got to the bind off and I loved it again! 

The ends weren't woven in here, so be it.

I wound up loving it so much that, as I wrote above, I'm going to eventually do three more West Knits shawls (at least). I'm officially on the Stephen West bandwagon, but sort of hanging off the side of the wagon because I'm not participating in the newest MKAL (Marled Magic).

One of those three is Dotted Rays, which I started with a bunch of hand dyed that I acquired from Yarn & Ewe. This was dyed up by Janine and the second I saw it on her podcast I paused and bought five of them. They're sparkly and so soft. 

It's so tiny!

I also received my Vivid Fiber Arts in Allsorts and it's so pretty! There was a slight mix up with my order which was in no way Amy's fault and she fixed it and got my yarn to me within two days, I think. She's so nice and wonderful. I'm definitely going to be purchasing more of her yarn in the future.

I now need beads to match my Allsorts and it will become Renaissance Fan, hopefully. One of these days I have to write about my experiences with Ren Fan. It's the hardest easiest pattern I've ever experienced. 

And now, my socks. I didn't even post a picture of them completed because I hate them. I did two at a time magic loop socks that I cast on back in.. July? I then switched them over to two 9" circs after watching the Yarn Hoarder because, hey maybe that'll make them more tolerable. I did manage to complete them, but they're HUGE. I somehow ended up with 70 stitches on each sock and I have no idea how that happened but there's no way I'm going back to redo it. I also did the provisional cast on toe and short row toe/heel so there's holes all over these socks. They look terrible. They're gigantic. They fit my boyfriend. They're going to be wear around the house when nobody else is home socks. 

In the time between my last post and now, I went to Universal with the boyfriend, bestie, and his boyfriend. It was an amazing experience to be able to see Diagon Alley in the flesh, although Ollivander's was the biggest let down and I'm glad I got that out of the way first. 

It looks just like the book!!
Of course I bought a wand anyway. And robes. 

Since we were flying down and I hated my socks, I decided to start a new shawl for plane knitting. I started and completed another shawl, Among the Shadows with some Lambstrings yarn in Rosario that I bought last year at the Long Island Fiber & Fleece Festival. This shawl is mainly garter with some purled stripes and some ribbing. I followed the pattern completely and wound up having way too much ribbing, so I ripped back and added 3 more purled striped sections then started the ribbing. And then I didn't have enough yarn to do the bind off so I had to rip back the bind off and the last row. It was a test of patience and took about three days to finally finish it. I'm not going to block it out and I'm going to wear it like a short scarf under my coat for this surprisingly cold March.

I really need a better picture spot.

With all of that completed, I decided to attempt another pair of socks to see if another pattern will make me like them more. With my leftovers from the last socks, I'm attempting Vanilla Reversed. I've only got the toe of one sock done, but there's no holes in them! Yay! Hopefully the heels will also be hole-less and I'll have a go-to sock pattern.

I've also put in a little bit of work on my Fox and the Grapes shawl. I completed two whole rows - but at 900-ish stitches per row I feel like that's a decent amount for the day. 

Lastly, I won a thing!! I watch Knotty Knit Wits and participated in their Ewe Sew an Sew jumbo project bag give away! I don't own any project bags and I never win a thing so this is so exciting! It's probably going to be the home of my Catskill shawl just to free up some yarn space. If you don't watch Michelle and Leslie, you should. I wish I had a knitting friend local to me so we can be like them. They're hilarious and kind and so talented. 

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